• Vaidehi Sharma

Shubharambh Of Vivahrambh | Story Of A Wedding Planner

Updated: Jan 11

What could be more special than weddings in India? The presence of smiling faces, shimmering dresses and above all, togetherness makes it entirely worth adding the best possible efforts.

Vivaharambh is there to redefine the goals of every wedding. You must be wondering, why you should choose Vivaharambh when it comes to wedding planning. Allow us to enlighten the significance of Vivaharmabh.

Foremost, Vivah stands for the lifelong commitment of wedding and Arambh is the prosperous start. Precisely, “a beginning of their big inning”😉

So, stop thinking anymore and assign the responsibility of weaving your dream wedding to us. We are providing every possible service at truly affordable rates. Moreover, we are always open to customisation. Thus contact us now because, whenever it's about the wedding it's about Vivaharambh.

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