• Vaidehi Sharma

ANAM AND SALIM - Not So Common Couple

Updated: Jan 11

Who doesn't believe in true love?

It's alright to have your own perception of the definition of love. But, we are sure that the love tale of Anam and Salim will create your faith in togetherness.

So, it all started in 2010, when these two not too similar humans met. Intailly, it was a casual college friendship in which Anam and Salim tried to understand each other.

But, as soon as they hitted the second year of their grad days the butterflies of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ❤ started buzzing on. Then do you know what happened? Oh, how would you know? Let us tell you -

One fine day when these two, JUST FRIENDS were crossing the lovely roadways nearby their college. Salim paused in the mid way in the midst of the endearing field, and set on his knees and said it all. So, it was the day when this not so common love story started.

Wait a while if you are thinking that then they lived happily ever after, because it was not the final match. Afterwards they started facing the real struggles of being in a relationship. They fought, they yelled they even thought about ending up the things, but no, these two never gave up on the idea called LOVE.

Finally, after eight years on 4th January 2020, they tied their knots and Vivahrambh was fortunate enough to turn their milestone wedding into the hope of love for many others out there.

Vivahrmabh wishes a heartfelt year of togetherness to this extraordinary couple and a life filled with enormous affection, hereafter.


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